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When Should You Get An Eternity Ring?

April 27, 2023

When Should You Get An Eternity Ring?

When Should You Get An Eternity Ring?

A wedding ring is a symbol of love and commitment, but if you're looking for something extra special to show your everlasting love for someone special in your life, an eternity ring might be the perfect choice for you. 


Eternity rings are a beautiful and meaningful way to celebrate a significant milestone in your relationship. At I Live 4 Gems, we have a variety of eternity rings. We’ll make sure you have the perfect eternity ring that shows your everlasting love for your friend, family member or partner.


We'll explore what eternity rings are, the different styles available, the best time to buy one, figuring out your budget, how to wear them, and how you can give your loved one a beautiful eternity ring.



What Is An Eternity Ring? 

An eternity ring is a band encrusted with diamonds or other precious gemstones that wrap around the entire circumference of the ring. 


Traditionally, eternity rings symbolise eternal love and commitment between two people, particularly if you are celebrating a major milestone in your relationship, such as a wedding anniversary. Alongside anniversaries, eternity rings also symbolise the circle of life as it's common to give an eternity ring to your partner following the birth of your first child.


When Is The Best Time To Buy An Eternity Ring?

 While there is no set rule for the best time to buy this type of jewellery, there are occasions where an eternity ring may be given to someone special in your life.


If you have a milestone coming up in your relationship, then you may want to purchase an eternity ring. From the birth of your partner’s first child to your first wedding anniversary, all the way up to your 45th, 55th and 60th, they are all traditional occasions where an eternity ring would be bought.


Alternatively, you may want to break from tradition and celebrate a special milestone. You may want to buy your best friend an eternity ring to celebrate your life-long commitment to being friends with them. Ultimately, the best time to buy an eternity ring is when you feel that your relationship has reached a milestone worth celebrating.

Figuring Out Your Eternity Ring Budget

Eternity rings come in a range of prices, depending on the quality and size of the stones, the metal used, and the design of the ring. 


It's important to set a budget before you start shopping for an eternity ring, as it will help you narrow down your choices and find a ring that you can afford. Consider factors like your income, savings, and other financial obligations when setting your budget for your eternity ring purchase.


Full eternity rings are more expensive as they have stones that are situated around the entire band. Half eternity rings on the other hand are less expensive than full eternity rings, although this is dependent on the quality of the stones and carat weight. 


How Do You Wear Your Eternity Ring?

 There is no set way to wear an eternity ring. Whether you wear it on your left or right finger, it’s entirely up to you when it comes to how you wear this piece of jewellery.


The most common way to wear an eternity ring is to wear it with the wedding ring and engagement ring on your left ring finger. Sitting at the top of your ring finger is the eternity ring, followed by the wedding band and then the engagement ring at the bottom.


Depending on how thick your ring bands are, wearing all three rings can be a bit uncomfortable. It may be worth wearing your eternity ring on your right finger and then keep your wedding ring and engagement ring on your left ring finger. Ultimately, it’s up to you in terms of how you wear your eternity ring.

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